Friday, 27 September 2013

Goin' 4 BOLD!

Hey Guys,
i'm afraid that i'm gonna have to put MSP on hold for abit since i have not gone on it for a long time and derr isn't much time now.So went on it today and if u guys see me and my head is SHAVED then it's because my next theme is going to be fighting illness and stuff like that. Soo dats y my head is shaved...And i notice alot of people on msp do dat anyway but 4 ppl dat have cancer but i thought y not do for all illness. So if u like u can join me or not..Up 2 u soo BTW im gonna change the theme later to the illness theme so don't see me do anything to my blog is because i got alot of things to organised and stuff lyk dat. Also I've noticed dat on my blog there has person he/she hasn't got a name though their Anonymous (Not lyk da anonymous dat was on MSP tho) and he/she keep writing weird comment on my posts soo im tryna keep an eye on that commenter. I have name them : The anonymous commenter ...... (Great name init! Really special lol jokesz)
PLL-Out x
Mood: C u in a bit
Random Question : For now on...Instead of writing random question i'm gonna write RQ because that take 10 secs out of my life to write Rando.....(Urgg!? C cant b bothered 2 write da rest)Agreed?

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