Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Win Prettyloveline with a MovieStarPlanet Wide contest

The reason why I'm leaving :
1)I have no time for MSP anymore now that i'm in a new year at school...
2) I haven't come on PROPERLY since maybe August.
3)Nothing dat i can do now.
4)Most of my friends have left dis wen they were in year 7.
5)I don't speak to most of my friends from Msp
What about ma blog?
I'm still going to keep this blog but i'm gonna write less about msp and more about other stuff in life.The name of my blog will not change so u can still access the same blog.Ma blog banners will have no MSP character on it anymore and will be different from my usual styles.I'm still gonna do my blog banner business but if u know my blog then comment on my blog and den i will leave the banner on my blog.I will still keep my old banners and my msp pictures from the side of my blog to remember my friends.My blog will pretty be about anything dat happens in life and less of msp although i might also do about other things on my blog like life,Msp,struggles and other clubs
What about your msp account?
I will do a contest for which lucky user will win MY ACCOUNT! i will write down the users that want to take part in the competition and then i will put the names in a hat and pick 5 users out .Then from those 5 users i'm going to interview them and they have to say why they want my account and who ever gives the best reason wins : Prettyloveline contest starts now : Aka : 23/10/13 - 15/11/13 and whoever wins i will give them my password and my username to them through a message.Message me if u want to take part or email me on my blog email or simply go on my forum and message me ur username saying ' i want to take part'.Although the safest option is just to message me.
When are you leaving?
Im leaving when my competition is over so 15/11/13 and dat will b the date when somebody else will have my account.
What about friends?
Im probably going to leave my friends on my account as it is the new person decision wheather they want my friends on my account.
What about the blog name?
I wil change the blog name but keep my blog website address the same so it wont stress u trying to find it.I'm probably thinking Random something...?? so my blog name...I'll make a new banner on it and u will c :) I'm also gonna sign off my posts differently...
PLL-Out x
Mood: Tired
RQ: Do u smell fish near u?


  1. Hello. Your amazing! Please plz add me on msp my name is danielle robertson


  2. hi add meh browngirl767

  3. please please can i have your account plweasexxx
    i have loads of accounts. if u decide to give me then tysm and message me Danielle Robertson or lucy rainbow!!!
    love you loadsxxxxxxxx