Friday, 27 December 2013

December - January x

Hey Guys,
It time for me to do a new blog theme : This theme is all WINTER.! LOL. Sooo, lets reflect on what has been happening and whats on everyone mind through the last couple of weeks. The first thing which i know has been on everyone's mind is Christmas or Xmas or whatever u guys call it.I for one do not celebrate Christmas due to my Religion (No i am not Muslim) i will give u a hint and by next week i want u guys to guess my religion. This is the hint : JW. Moving on, lately there has been so much talk about: Is father Christmas or Santa Clause real? What do u think? Even though i dont celebrate xmas and even if i did, i feel that he is not real and is teaching children wrong infact he is confusing little kidz cuz how many films have u watched on tv that have santa clause inside? And they're different Santa's inside those movies. I even saw a movie called Bad Santa on my TV guide, Children are going to be confused as they dont know who is the real Santa. If u type Wikipedia on google and click on it.Then type in the search bar: Santa Clause, they say that Santa is a myth, so y r everyone going on about it.
Comment down below if u think Santa is Real or not Real and give one reason y u think dat, the best reason will win 6 autos on MSP. Comp ends 2nd/December/2013 dont forget to write down ur username if u r on Moviestarplanet.
PLL-Out x
Mood: Slightly bored
RQ: Do u have an IPad?

P.s- I will b doing my usual countdown on my blog of it counting down until New year! 2014 !

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