Friday, 27 December 2013


Hey Guys,
I will b making an Instagram account where they will b pictures of me and things to do with MSP. I havent made the account yet but i will do soon and when i do then i will inform u of my username so u can search my up and hopefully follow me, Oh and i will follow back. If u do not have Instagram and wanna get it, its basically a place for all ur pics and ppl can comment on ur photos. Instagram is avaliable on Android (TouchScreen phones) and u can download it on the GooglePlay store and on IPhone and u can download it on the Apple store. I dunno if it is on Blackberry so search it up on blackberry and find out for me.Not sure about BB
PLL-Out x


  1. Hai! I Need Your Help D; I Really Wanna Up Load A Game On My Blog Like Your Pac Man One But...I dont Know How :( Your Fishy Game Is Cool Too! Please Reply And Tell Me How ? :] Tysm!

    1. Hey hope smith, thnx for comming on my blog, but it would have been great if u commented on my Q+S box instead lol, Never mind!!So the answer to ur questions is: Go on google and type in a game in can't be a club like Moviestarplanet or Clubpenguin, It's got to be something simple e.g- car game.Then at the bottom of that game usual has a code or says somewhere 'embed' for ur blog or website so then you highlight the code and then go on design and then layout when you go on ur blog, then open up and gadget and go to where it is says html/something? when u scroll down. then click on the addition button and paste the code and hit save. and then view ur blog and then instead of a code, the game will appear! I hope these steps where clear cuz i am rushing lol?! If u need me to make then more clear the i will do a post on it on my Q+S box

  2. ok thats awesome x